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Default Re: I wish I could build one of these

Back in my school days there was a company called FiberFab that sold Glass Fiber kit vehicles. The one that most fascinated me was called the SCARAB.
It was a three wheeler with two wheels in the front and one in the back.

It was basically a VW Bug front suspension bolted to a small welded frame. The back of the frame had a diagonal post that mated to the front of a motorcycle with the front forks removed. There were a couple radius arms at the right and left just behind the passenger and driver that bolted to the bike to stabalize it with the three point connection.

The original plans called for a 900cc Kawasaki but smaller bikes could be used.
My Dad and I pondered getting a stripped frame from a bike junk yard along with a mag rear wheel with tubless tire for the basic set up.

Dad wanted to make something with a Deutz Air Diesel and a Lister Xmission to power the thing and I was then considering an electric golf cart to strip and build into the project platform. Dad couldn't find a tranny with a reverse in it, and I fugured the electric had the reverse. We talked about AC for it
and I was up for a small gasoline Briggs & Stratton to run a compressor and alternator with built in voltage regulator.

I figured the platform bare would weigh less than 750 lbs and the real weight would be in the motor, batteries, and AC & electric heat system. Dad thought it would be a brick to drive and I couldn't see it as worthwhile without a reverse. So, we got it out of our system with the research back then. The things had an odd gear shift arrangement as you can imagine
and the refinement of the instruments and throttle were given little consideration by FiberFab.

I've always been amazed at the things I've wanted to do where part of what
I wanted to work with was so far ahead of the technology. The Scarab had beautiful styling even though the marketing guys fell in love with the lime gold
metal flake paint job and tubeless mag wheels on bikes were just entering the market then.

Even when I started on the inter net with windows 95 what was being talked about then only became reality late into XP, unless you were in a business with servers and T1 or T3 broad band. Streaming video being one example back then.

So if I were to build a Scarab today I'd have to buy it as a 30+ year old kit
one piece at a time and fit it with the electric drive I originally imagined. Today I'd usea salsbury clutch (infinately variable ratio pulley controlled with a liner acutator) The thought has even crossed my mind of trying to adapt the runing gear of a totaled Honda Insight with a electric only drive system, where the motors are in the front wheels. (if of course I could adapt the spindels to accept the motors.
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