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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

Thanks guys - but I'd not go so far as to call it "art" heh, the reason I made this thread is to show it's actually a LOT easier to make a tank than it seems

I never did line the tank, it didn't leak at all and the oil/fuel mix keeps the inside spotless. Were I ever to put the bike up for storage for some reason (pfft - I ride it every day lol) I'd simply spray the inside of the tank with a buncha PBblaster (what WD40 should be) and call it good.

As for the "gas headlight" - it's an interesting project and I like the look, but for this project I preferred the ol' "lidded" headlight style - I thought about something like this;

...but it seemed a lil "busy" for this build, but now that ya got me lookin' again I found this one and really like it's simplicity;

SO now ya got me thinkin' about it... hmm... mebbe... great... jus' when I thought I might be "done" lol, shoulda known better - no ride is ever done
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