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Default Well looks like I trashed a motor today

The new build I just finished had a 66cc slant motor on it that I had for a while, it is one that I had a mini seizer with a few months back, I got it unstuck, pulled the head and all looked pretty good eccept for a small scored place in the cylinder, I figured this might give me trouble later on but I thought what the heck I'll just set it up on this bike and see what happens, I guess I got about 20 or so very low powered miles on it before it started making a ting-ing sound with a cracking and a pop at the end of it's short life, I think I busted a ring and trashed the jug, it spins over but will not start anymore, I will find out the problem when I pull the head and jug off, I ordered a new piston,rings,gaskets and jug last night because I was afraid the thing wouldnt stay together long and bingo the very next day it gave it up, I hope it was just the top end that crapped out and not something in the lower that gave way, after I get in from church in the morning I will be pulling it down to see what we have to fix or replace.

Happy and safe Riding everyone, and God Bless.!
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