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Default got a flip flop hub from BGF. what a POS...

i just got this flip flop hub with a freewheel and sprocket from Boy Go Fast today and Gee Whiz what a piece of crap it is.

the 36t steel sprocket is attached to a left-side freewheel with junk hardware, and the freewheel itself feels about as smooth as a ohio forge ratchet wrench that was left out in the rain for 2 years. seems like if i rode it on one of my bikes, it would cease being a freewheel after a few miles and lock up.

the axle nuts don't even fit. i mean, they thread on, but they wobble like they're one size too big, and i think they're made outta, i dunno, something. melted beer cans.

the bearings in the hub...pfffft.

the whole thing sucks.

don't buy one.
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