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Default Re: What My Local Bike Shop Thinks....

I live in a college town there are 1000s of students riding bikes all over. We have at least 6or7 bike shops. On my commute home I stopped at one of the local coffee hang outs, locked up my bike and went in to get a tea in the 90degree heat, when I came out there were at least 10-12 kids looking at my bike. Asking all kinds of questions, like how fast can you go, what's your mpg, what kind of motor is that. which bike shop handles that kind of bike, etc etc etc?? I told them none of the local shops have any of the components and I had a bad experience with the franchise shop. (see thread local bike shop) I gave them my card and told them to check out the forum. Maybe I stirred up some kind of hornets nest and we might have some new members.
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