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Originally Posted by pj-pirate View Post
Rebuillt a tired kid carrier to a utility trailer(grocery cart) Made the frame out of 1x2 furring strips and a piece of scrap plywood. Now all is left to do is finish the stake pockets for the tailgate and paint. Total investment --$5.00
I really like that. I have a worn out Instep lightning model (fabric is shot) and think I may do something similar with mine. The rims are getting some rust here and there, but still are stout little guys and you hardly notice it is back there even when I have my dog in tow. I very much like the wood over fabric anyway. I think my dog would like the open trailer as well so long as she has a cushion and her special 'blanky'. On her newer trailer which still has good fabric I mounted an American flag on the rod that came with it. I've also used part of a fishing rod as a little flag pole. I think the flag waving back there helps make us more visible to motorists from the front and back. You and I have talked about sidecars a good deal and while I still want to make one from a section of canoe it does require a good bit more of the road with a sidecar next to you as opposed to a trailer behind. I guess it depends on where you are able to ride. For most situations the trailer is more practical. Finding a used one with worn out fabric is a real sensible way to go. I like the way they mount to the bike and even if you dump the trailer doesn't. Very clever setup. It will look nice with stain and varnish. Simple and just right.
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