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Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
The 54 or so tiny ball bearings in the center of the clutch, where the ring gear attaches to the clutch hub, need a shot of white lithium grease each time you grease the transmission gears.
I've been wondering about that myself. I'm curious how you go about getting the grease on all those ball bearings and not get some on the clutch pucks? Since the 54 ball bearings are sandwiched in and the assembly is press-fitted together I assume that you haven't disassembled the unit to grease the bearings correct? Also even after you grease the bearings how do you prevent the grease from 'spidering' out and flying against the clutch pucks soiling them? Myself, I've considered (although haven't done this yet) using one of those aerosol graphite lubricants that contain no oil and leave only the dry graphite once the alcohol (I'm guessing) propellant evaporates.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.
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