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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Lookin' good man
...but I back off the throttle a bit to less than engagement RPM before shifting and "ease" the RPM back to engagement to prevent/reduce the "slamming" effect of speedshifting, it's not as slow as it sounds...


Sometimes... mebbe... if there's a recumbent that needs passing or a buncha spandexers takin' up the road... I might... NO! I would never "abuse" my ride that way - honest!!!
Hahaha. Spandex has no chance against us ;-}

I actually ride it pretty smooth. I only do the full on power shifting when I want to show off and the heavy duty Nexus hub takes it smooth as silk.

I got to put some miles on it today in traffic in the afternoon heat. 111F when I went out.
I really like the look of the black Grubee's so that is all I have built with and now is when they really get the heat test.

No problems at all. I was cruising around 30 MPH at half throttle in 3rd for miles.
The canals are a fun place to ride, paved paths, and every now and then you get a banked concrete culvert for the street that dead ends at it to drain water. The shocks make a huge difference and once I got comfortable with them I was taking them at full speed and getting a wee bit of air, a very entertaining way to commute ;-}

I have a nice digital camera, I need to mount it somewhere and take some video of the canals I ride.
Phoenix really is a bicycle friendly town. All I get are big grins and "That is soooo cool" when I ride.
This was a really tough build but like many of you other guys bikes, it is unique and has a wow factor to it.

Thanks for the "clean look" comment too.
I don't care what it looks like while I building and testing, but come "finish work" time I take a lot of pride in buttoning them up nice.
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