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yes it tensions the bottom by pushing up and that site doesn't have any in stock but i found one that does and im ordering it tomorrow , this week hasnt been my week , engine crank broke laptop fried dad left for a 3 week trip my minivan battery leaked acid all over the engine and on top of that my girlfriend is going on a trip and i cant talk to her for a month
anyway i balanced my crank in 2 ways laterally and up and down ??? does that count as vertically cause it does rotate, i cant remember the terms , i found an automotive book that helped alot i ported the piston and polished it no sharp edges on it she should haul , but i still need to get a smaller sprocket to keep the rpms down when she gets running ill post pics asap

@ tim turbo, i get where you are coming from , but i've always upgraded things to the fullest , since these engines aren't even made correctly I,m remaking it , in a way as close to properly as i can , i've always done this and it works for my planes and other projects , in my eyes i'm doing it right the first time thank you though , no disrespect intended

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