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Default Re: New Motorcyclist. Advice wanted

Originally Posted by nhssdf4 View Post
Hi, I am new to the whole motorbicycle world... I stay near Ruston, La... Which is northern Louisiana.. I also attend Louisiana Tech University..

I have a few questions....

1. What would be considered as a good donor bike... and particular traits..

A beach cruiser OR any diamond frame type like a hard tail mountain bike, best without "oversized" or odd shaped tubing.
2. What is the best motor kit to buy? I already all about morini, but i dont have the money for it. I want to spend less than 150$ shipped.
Which ever one you can find in that price range, we have all heard good and bad from most the "Find a dealer and review" thread.
3. I have read alot of threads of people modding their engines, what is the best way to get more power?
Tune it up right, break it in, then worry about adding power....probably a tuned pipe would be the best bang for the buck.
4. What do you recommend as a great 2 stroke oil, and does premium gas help with horsepower?
I use Penzoil for air cooled engines, it's non synthetic and really cheap. Never blown an engine of any kind with it, and we fly ultralights using the same oil. Premium gas does nothing with a 6:1 compression ratio.
5. What is the best tooth combination for mild hills and 35-38mph top speed?
40 or 41T.
6. Any other tips to help a new rider out? anything and everything....
And i dont have the money for a shift kit..
Thanks in advance!

No problem, and welcome to the forum!
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