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Default Re: Micargi Vs. Huffy

American company doesn't mean made in America. When I was shopping for a tablesaw, the only ones I could find in my price range ($700) were made in China. Sure there were some made in the US, but you'd have to double my budget. My made in China Sears Craftsman is just fine for me. Just about all these bicycles are made in China, if there was one made in the US, you'd know it just from the price. The bikes made in the US are generally made from exotic materials and cost an arm and a leg no matter where they are made. Check out this website: and scroll down to cycling Still Made in - American-Made Sporting Goods, Backpacks, and Camping Gear

Probably the thing I own that is the most "Made in the US" is my Toyota Truck. That's because my Honda Civic is made in Canada.
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