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Default Re: Micargi Vs. Huffy

whats happenin fellas,i have both a huffy and a migargi, the other day i was sittin in the garage lookin between the both, keep in mind diffent model= differnt quality, in this case the rover gt vs the panama my opinion migargi uses better fenders with exrta support brackets,and the frame is much kooler on the rover, but they both use decent welds, and both have cheesy dropouts, so for the money, its a decent buy. they are all made in china(most). i think the best route is keep an american made frame in mind and you will love the quality.honestly, i believe kustom frames are the way. not everyone has resourses to build one, but just check out venices latest chopper, one badass frame, that i believe most companies cant match, but that just my preference and style.....but these new walmart bikes are coming with wide rims and 12 guage spokes, and some nice seats,so you can expect to see some kool chinese components.a little modification here and there, and before not long you have kustom bike for cheap.also i have a cranbrooke, its a cheap bike, but pretty kool over all, just switch out necesary parts to kustomize it for you and its not a bad buy.i have a gt kustom kruiser duece, a very nice frame and built well, but then you see that sticker at the bottom of nthe seat pole tube that says"made in china".they are what they are, if its china, its junk, but doable . support the american made bike companies,the few there are....
if it aint kustom, it just aint......

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