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Default Re: Micargi Vs. Huffy

it's 6 of 1, 1/2 a dozen of the other. I would assume since Huffy is an American company that they use American measure nuts and bolts, not metric. I have had no issues with my micargis (outside of drilling a frame. bad idea all around on any frame.) thus far besides going beyond tolerances on the hub (happens when you weight 3 bills and neglect adjusting the cone nut and bits)... I use them simply b/c at that point, the bikes are completely metric so you don't have to bungle with a lot of tools. My micargis all utilize 10,15,and 17mm bolts, and the engine uses 10 and 17 mm.. So carrying an allen wrench set (for seat & handlebars), those aforementioned socket, and a pair of needle nose vice grips is fairly easy (cargo pants/shorts) for on the road fixes..
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