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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

This thread is awesome, i have to come back to read it all.

Whilst I'm here I should mention my tip if it already has not been said before.

Metal lined exhaust gaskets will fix all leaking exhaust gasket problems.

They are strong and don't blow out. They can handle vibration.

I used the standard one, it lasted a very short periods of time, blew out quickly. Must be from weight distribution and vibration from the engine.

So i tried the copper gaskets, thick ones, well they just leaked oil. they look good but will leak. tried exhaust sealant with it as well but that eventually failed.

Then I tried home made cutouts from exhaust material from the autobarn, it didn't work and just blew out at high speed.

Then i found the steel lined gaskets you find from Rock solid or other local country engine enthusiast dealer. And it worked a treat. I am still using it. and it has been months now, so if anyone has an exhaust gasket issue and need to change it constantly, get a metal lined one.
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