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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

Lookin' good man

After alla that it's deceptively simple & clean lookin' now - hard to spot the effort that went into it

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
It's like a semi-automatic transmission.
I can lay on the power and move through the gears without letting up, and then back off the throttle and the engine drops to idle but the bike just keeps coasting at full speed.
A friendly warning, it's possible to detonate your 3-speed hub shifting this way - it may take it, it might not and it's totally up to you... but I back off the throttle a bit to less than engagement RPM before shifting and "ease" the RPM back to engagement to prevent/reduce the "slamming" effect of speedshifting, it's not as slow as it sounds...


Sometimes... mebbe... if there's a recumbent that needs passing or a buncha spandexers takin' up the road... I might... NO! I would never "abuse" my ride that way - honest!!!

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