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Default Re: Newbie looking into doing a kit for getting around

So I am getting closer to making some solid decisions on my first build. Thinking I'll be going with a Dax Titan 4 stroke IF kit on a cruiser. I've been looking at bikes and was leaning heavily toward a Micargi Stealth as it looks solid and I love the flat black. Then I ran across an ad on Craigslist for a GT Dyno Duece with a fat back tire and fancy tread wheel. My first thought was that the fat wheel might be a pain to have to adjust a kit to but then it occurred to me that the extra wide frame might make for much easier clearance for the chain of the IF kit. Especially if I was able to replace that rear wheel with a normal size one. The thick front forks and the high handlebars should make for a comfortable ride too. I've seen a few others make them into motorized bikes so I know it's can be done. Creative Engineering bought a bunch a couple years back and sold them to members here so hopefully some of those guys can give me a heads up. Of course if I keep it stock my concern is of course replacing the fancy wheels on the bike may not be easy. Anyone have any thoughts. Big time thanks in advance!
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