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Default Re: What a great forum

I can help you some....I hope.

That part can be made easily.

If you have the motor adjustment bar, that piece you seek can be made from some flat stock from tractor supply or Lowe's. The measurement from the axel hole to the 90 degree bend is 4" and the 90 degree bend is 1" wide with the hole in the center.

If you make it 2 1/4" longer passed the axel hole, you could then rivet or bolt another piece of flat to it with two holes drilled to accept the after muffler studs.

I don't think you'll need it to pass any I said mine and the other here don't make any real difference in the sound, just where the exhaust goes. You could just zip tie the extra exhaust tube to the fork leg.

Let me know if that helps.
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