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Default Re: Replacing Coaster Brake wheel

Hey, sorry about the slow reply. I had to re-do alot of stuff, and wanted to make sure it was on point before I took my newb advice and sent you on a train wreck. Let's see, things worth noting.

1. It took superhuman strength to remove that bolt, I had one friend who was able to do it, 4 others tried and failed. Keep at it, it will come off.

2. Take the back fender off, or trim it, or put the front fender on the back. It will likely get in the way of the chain.

3. Make sure your motor and chain are straight with the sprocket....what I thought was noise from my chain hitting my fender (which i'd cut a chunk out of and just figured it wasn't sufficient) was actually my chain hitting my frame and slowly eroding a decent chunk out of it.

4. I'm still not 100% sure about this call, but I re-mounted the sprocket with the teeth closer to the spokes, as opposed to facing the way where the teeth were farther out. I haven't gotten a chance to ride it yet, but it looks like the chain is on straighter, and isn't in danger of hitting my tire or my frame anymore.

I apologize if any of this information is incorrect, i'm learning along with everyone else. If anyone wants to add or correct anything I said please pass it along. I've a long way to go still before I feel i'm even close to an "expert" on motor bikes.
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