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Default HD axle review 4 all (SOLID NON-FREEWHEEL VERSION)

Bought it, since my old hub was shot anyway and thought it would be a little more pro having something built into the hub rather than clamped over the top of it (pirate/manic mechanic). Kind of regretting my choice a little.

The Bad:
  1. In order to take the wheel on/off, I've got to drain all the gas, flip the bike upside-down, and use a 12" pry bar to spread the frame
  2. The brake doesn't fit in any feasible or imaginary way, unless I were to cut the frame & weld it together much wider than it came
  3. The sprocket is STILL WOBBLY? First I thought it was just bent from me prying on it but I measured it over and over and its perfect. The connection somehow results in the sprocket wobbling! And yea, its all tight.
  4. The sprocket unscrews 1-2 turns every time it gets bump-started, then hits this other nut which doesn't loosen because its threaded the other way. Then, the engine has to tighten it back once started? Can be fixed with a big washer for a spacer but still, it shouldn't come that way.
  5. You have to loosen & tighten both side's nuts at the same time when removing/installing the wheel, because the axle doesn't lock when trying to do only one side at a time. Extremely annoying when trying to get the wheel in the exact perfect place, since it causes the wheel to slip all over the place when tightening.
  6. The freewheel most of these sites sell with it only screws halfway on. It works though...

The Good:
  1. Did exactly what it said it would do, fit 260mm spokes on one side & 258mm spokes on the other. Easy wheel build for a Cranbrook if anyone's wondering. No need to buy different sized spokes.
  2. The bearings seem to work great
  3. The chain is a lot further from rubbing on the tire than the rag-joint setup results in.
  4. It weighs about 3 times as much as my other hub, and when held & inspected by hand it feels like something suitable to motorize. So it lives up to its name, Heavy-Duty axle.

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