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Default Re: opti 2

i installed a brand new motor a few weeks ago. i cleaned it up and hot-rodded it, then filled it up and rode 70+ miles in one day at full throttle, without the effects of the dreaded "break-in" period's sluggishness.

when i installed the motor, i needed fuel, and all i had left of my Opti-2 supply was a little 2oz bottle i keep with me in case i run out of gas (it's a hotel shampoo bottle, in case you're wondering.) so i got my 2 gallon can, mixed it up and rode off into the sunset.

two days ago, i went to get some more opti-2, mixed up a batch, and re-filled my little bottle.

turns out, that my little bottle is only a little over ONE ounce.

so, i've been running for 2 weeks at full throttle at speeds i can't post because you won't believe me and for hours at a time on a mixture of almost 200:1.

that's TWO HUNDRED TO ONE, in case you missed it the first time.

my plug looks perfect and there's no damage whatsoever to the engine, at least visibly (and ride-wise, either.)

i love Opti-2. seriously. it friggen rules.
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