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Default Re: duane is a garate man, read & find out why I know this, he is way cool.

Yes.. connon, you should be able to post anywhere now. Also.. . Connon has had his Titan for over 3 years now. And.. yes... He rides every day. Every Day and night.. It is his only mode of transportation. Trips to the store, camping, to and from every where, travling and riding day and night...As you get to know Connon more, you too will appreciate him as I do. So.. The Math previously posted would be a close approximation except the time owned 1 year postulate was incorrect. Another note: DAX has been in business for over 27 years. We have a lot of engines out there running for years and years. There are a lot of new comers for sure. But we are not one of them. At any rate. I have checked and verified connan and what he is telling me and he is true and honest. That is why I am sending him another Titan on my Dime. Our Titans come with a 1 year warranty, and he is way out of his warranty period I agree. After his 55,000 miles plus on his Engine, I could send him another piston and ring setup and let him go another 55,000 miles or so.. But. He does not know how to swap them in. so. I am sending him another Titan on my Dime. Also.. Someone with such a good Titan record can post service, engine running, and maintenance tips in my book any day !! So..Connon.. Post away ! We will all enjoy the helpful tips !! That is what this forum is all about.. Having fun , helping each other...And.... Enjoying the ride..

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