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Default Re: new engine oil leaks

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
What oil mix are you using and make sure the spark plug is tight.

Originally Posted by moonlake3 View Post
leaking oil at head gasket and where the muffler attaches to engine.
This is quite common with new engines and it's usually a sign of improperly torqued fasteners, no big deal at all. The head should be torqued to 120-144 inch lbs/10-12 foot lbs, if it still leaks - disassemble and examine the gasket seating surfaces for irregularities, if you think that's the cause - lap the head (sand) with wet/dry 300gt sandpaper on a piece of glass (so it's perfectly flat) - this too is quite common.

Originally Posted by moonlake3 View Post
vibrates a lot after it gets past mid range speed.
Usually a sign of a too rich mixture (four stroking/firing every other stroke) it could also be that your engine is simply still breaking in... check spark plug coloration (black = too rich, white = too lean) and adjust the carburetor's needle clip settings to suit (up, away frm pointy end = leaner & down = richer), yer lookin for that coffee/coco tan/brown of a proper mix - and/or just ride the bejabbers out of the thing.

Originally Posted by moonlake3 View Post
the 2 front mount studs broke.
Usually a sign of excessive movement/excess vibration - yet not always from the engine itself, check the rear sprocket for alignment & centering by raising the bike off the ground and with the clutch in, turning the rear wheel and watching for wobble, chain "walk" (off to one side or the other), and most importantly - seeing if the chain gets tighter & looser as the wheel spins. That's really common and is caused by improper centering of the rear sprocket and I suspect causes quite a few mount failures.

A disproportionate amount of vibration is caused by the stock "rag joint" rear sprocket mount - check our vendors for sprocket adapters, it's a night and day difference

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