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Tube size dont matter that mutch, as long as you dont have to fold it to get it in there.. I have run all types of crazy matches.. 3inch gazzaloddi downhill tyres with skinny mtb tubes and the otherway around.. But if the tire comes of at the same place everytime in relation to the valve your tube isnt filling up right, if the tire pops of at different place its a tire, rim problem.

The initial idea behind kevlar beaded tires was cutting down on rotating weight, the foldability is just a perk.. I run a cheap cheng shin steelwire tyre at the back on my fixed bike and its been holding up for some massive skidstop abuse for three months, while the kevlar beaded front tyre seem to be addicetd to flats.. go figure. But there seem to be very litte correspondance between prize and quality when it comes to tires..
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