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Default Re: Got My Karaoke put together today...PICS

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

Both Of My Stretch Cruiser With Springer Forks Have I Hole At The Bottom Of Tube For Standard Rim Brake`s, Nothing Special Needed. Niccce Build. Thanks For Sharing. Ron
I believe you are talking about the hole at the bottom of the head tube. The problem with this hole is that it does NOT move with the fork assembly as the suspension flexes while the forks and tire themselves DO move. Brakes attached to this point will more than likely NOT be in alignment when applied, especially since they are likely aligned when no load is on the bike. Cantilever brakes, on the other hand, mount to the forks themselves which move WITH the tire and stay in alignment all the time.

It's also a bad idea to mount a fender using the hole at the bottom of the head tube as this will cause the fender to flex (since the struts are mounted to the dropouts, which move, and the center is mounted to the head tube hole, which doesn't) and break. Trust me on this one, I found out the hard way.
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