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Default Re: What a great forum

Thanks for all the comeback's on this project of mine. I've made my inside bracket clamps so I think I can make the motor hold firm now. I have a kill switch to ground the ignition and cut the motor off. Found an old shift lever with which to throttle the engine in my box of old parts.. I have about 6 bicycles now and this Subarban "knock-off" I built was a $5 dollar yard sale orphan which I tore down and re-build. Thus it's like new now. Where it started as a 10 speed Ross EuroSport 10, it's now with upright handlebars,
a "tractor seat", and chrome fenders, and new tires and innertubes.

I've been studying the Ohio codes regardings mopeds and bicycles equipped
with helper motors. So, I'm trying to find a turn signal brake light system or design and build one now.

What I'd most like to find is that "sub-muffler stay" which the motor adjustment rod connects to. It's Part #23 below:

Even if someone had that part and could temporarily remove it from the bike and trace it onto a post card and mail it to me I'd really apprecialte it. I'd buy the part if anyone had one to sell or could tell me where I could mail order it.

I figure I can adapt a lawnmower muffler to use as a sub muffler if it's necessary to keep the Ohio's State Patrol happy or get an inspection from the BMV to carry.

When I get time to get this project up and running I'll try to post some pictures.

Anyone who could assist my effort....feel free to IM me.

Thanks !
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