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Default Re: Finally Running! (But that doesnt mean I'm done asking questions :p)

I'm gonna say you have a busted carb. the only way the clamp that holds the carb. to the intake could be putting pressure on the internal slide in the carb. would be if the carb. body is broken and/or cracked between the clamping area and the slide bore, take the carb off remove the cap over the slide piston and then remove the slide and needle assembly, while looking into the bore start tightening the clamp that secures it to the intake tube and as you tighten it look very close to see if you can see a slight fractor in the slide bore, if so you are ready for a new carb. sounds like a faulty area in the casting or a stress fractor from vibration, I've heard of the carbs. breaking right off of these engine on rare occas. Good luck and hope you get it figured out and going soon.
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