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Default Bike from scratch

Alright, I'd rather ask the opinion of people who are experienced than spend hours researching and still not know what I'm doing...

I'm not a biker, and never have been, but I really want a motor bicycle to take to school / grocery store etc. to save myself gas, be environmentally friendly and have fun. But the main focus is saving money... However since I know nothing about bikes or motors I have no idea what bikes/motors I've been researching are reliable, safe, cost efficient etc. I figure you guys know what the best brands are, easiest installations, and who knows... maybe someone has an old bike lying around they'd sell me?

Here are my priorities:
1. Cost- I'm getting a bike to save money, I don't have much to spend on the bike up-front
2. Safety.
3. Reliability and ease of use... While I'm getting one to use for town/college, I'm a camper as well and would LOVE to take a roadtrip on a motor bicycle

While I would love for it to be 'sexy', at this point it's most important that it's inexpensive, I'll buy a sexy one when I have more money :-D

So what are you suggestions for brands, websites etc? Does anybody have an ugly old bike they would like to sell to a beginner? Where is the best place/brand/etc. for an absolute beginner to go?

Thanks so much for the help, I would love to be a motor bicycle enthusiast but I currently know NOTHING about it, except for riding one once for 5 minutes. :-)

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