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Default Re: Manic Mechanic Hub Adaptor

Originally Posted by worksmanFL View Post
Cranbrook Sprocket Install.

??? Help ........ PLEASE ASSIST ???

Im having problems mounting the ragmount sprocket:

a. rubber discs seem too thick
b. rubber discs and metal banana attachers dont all align up,
(hitting part of hub/ sprocket too)
c. sprocket brake bar seems like it will hit the bolt heads when installed.
(some posted no mod./bending of cb arm required)

1. (went to a machine shop, and he wanted $45.00 to $70.00 to increase the sprocket hole size on 2 sprockets. ---> At this point, that option is cost prohibitive, knowing you can get a adapter, sprocket for $50.00 from PIRATE)

2.PIRATE is out of really does sound too painfully familiar.
--->JIIIIIIM! get your product out to Justin!

I've decided to either not reinstall dust cap,OR install it if it fits. (i dont want to grind down the dust cap.)

Im getting a little bit frazzled.

Sprocket concave or convex side out, whatever works.

Can anyone share several detailed PICS please of installed sprocket? and go over it with me?

I feel so inept, so stupid right now.

The instructions say 2 hours total build time - UNREAL...
I spent 4 "dry fitting"sprocket and I didn't even install a single thing!!! (not to mention the dozens of hours online trying to research the build.)

Sorry if i'm ranting.

Thanks for all your help in advance Guys/Gals.
  1. You have to either grind the dust cap down, or bore out the sprocket hole. Nothing else can be done (-dust cap = broken bicycle at some point).
  2. Throw the brake arm in a vice, and straighten it all together. Then, put 2 good 45 degree bends in it starting from as near to the center (part where the wheel mounts) as possible, ensuring they wont hit the sprocket bolt heads and will somewhat line-up with the chainstay.
Everyone has to do this, and yea it sucks but your only other choice is to leave then engine off & use the pedals (or get a pirate/hd hub).

Curious as to how the rubber disks could be too thick...

btw, here's some pics:

EDIT: It took me 6 hours to get the rag-mount on, don't feel bad.
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