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Default Re: Manic Mechanic Hub Adaptor

Cranbrook Sprocket Install.

??? Help ........ PLEASE ASSIST ???

Im having problems mounting the ragmount sprocket:

a. rubber discs seem too thick
b. rubber discs and metal banana attachers dont all align up,
(hitting part of hub/ sprocket too)
c. sprocket brake bar seems like it will hit the bolt heads when installed.
(some posted no mod./bending of cb arm required)

1. (went to a machine shop, and he wanted $45.00 to $70.00 to increase the sprocket hole size on 2 sprockets. ---> At this point, that option is cost prohibitive, knowing you can get a adapter, sprocket for $50.00 from PIRATE)

2.PIRATE is out of really does sound too painfully familiar.
--->JIIIIIIM! get your product out to Justin!

I've decided to either not reinstall dust cap,OR install it if it fits. (i dont want to grind down the dust cap.)

Im getting a little bit frazzled.

Sprocket concave or convex side out, whatever works.

Can anyone share several detailed PICS please of installed sprocket? and go over it with me?

I feel so inept, so stupid right now.

The instructions say 2 hours total build time - UNREAL...
I spent 4 "dry fitting"sprocket and I didn't even install a single thing!!! (not to mention the dozens of hours online trying to research the build.)

Sorry if i'm ranting.

Thanks for all your help in advance Guys/Gals.
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