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Default Tire wobbly

I transplanted the cheap stock Walmart tire on to the new Husky 26x2.125 wheel. It rides, but I noticed that I get a lot of bounce out of the front wheel now. Closer inspection (spinning the wheel while the bike is stationary) shows that the tire has a big wobble in it. I can also see that the bead of the tire isn't seated exactly evenly around the rim. I know it's not an issue with the wheel, because I checked the wheel before I put the tire on. It spins very true, and all the spokes have the same tone when plucked.

Do I need to be more careful inflating the tire to make sure it sits right, or should I invest in a "real" tire? I should mention that the stock wheel is much narrower than this Husky wheel, too; I seem to recall noticing a minor wobble before, but it didn't cause any bounce. If I need to get a new tire, does anyone have any recommendations?
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