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Default Re: Power Problems!

Originally Posted by taddthewadd View Post
Thatperson is right, it is leaning out (less fuel/more oxygen mixture in engine). It will ruin your engine faster primarily due to over heating. You should check your spark plug to see if your mixture is right. If you are running rich you could adjust the clip in your carb to run a little leaner and get some more power. Search threads on checking your plug.
I'd follow tadd's advice TBH, as for altering the fuel/oil mix - simply run a quality 2 stroke oil @ w/e the oil manufacturer recommends as 16 - 20:1 is way too much unless yer usin' motor oil lol, 40:1 may not be enough if the oil manufacturer recos 32:1 etc.

Running less oil in the oil/fuel mix will enrich your fuel/air mix (less oil = more fuel) so that's not gonna help with yer runnin' too rich a fuel/air mix - yet running too much oil can lead to poor ignition & fouling, it's prolly easiest to go with the tried & true 32:1 oil @ a 32:1 mix (conservative & safe) untill ya get yer carb mix issues figured out (fuel/air) - then you can play with the oil/fuel mix to fine tune the beast
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