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Default Re: Drum brake help.

I just got through putting one of those on mine today.

First, put the handle cable end into the handle.

The cable end that goes on the brake side has a threaded adjuster barrel, with a slotted peg on it. That cable end has a cylindrical knarp on the end. The cable end knarp goes in the two-fingered lever on the brake (the short one). The slotted barrel goes into the hook on the long arm. Turn the adjuster barrel clockwise to adjust the cable play tighter, and tighten the little lock ring against the slotted peg.

You'll need to clamp down that long brake arm to the forks with something. I know on mine, the arm is far away from the fork, so I'm going to need to be creative about that. You have to make sure that long arm does not move in its clamp. It should be resting right against the fork leg, but mine is definitely not, and I don't have the facilities to bend it. Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet.
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