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Default Re: Finally Running! (But that doesnt mean I'm done asking questions :p)

my motors get hot enough to burn skin. i never spit on it, but i've ridden through a few puddles before and steamed it up. as long as your plug looks good it should be fine. plug should be a nice cocoa color, but with a new engine during break-in, it'll probably be more of a dark brown if it's running right. you just want to stay away from running it too lean, which'll make your plug white-ish, and that'll make your motor run hotter.

the smoke is just the oil burning with the gas, and is normal.

and an airleak would cause the choke problem, like the above post said. check around the mounting areas for the intake and the carb. you might have to make some new gaskets and seal it all up, or you might just have to tighten some bolts.
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