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Originally Posted by wildemere View Post

The CZ / JAWA motors from eastern europe have quality that far exceeds the HT crap from china. They (eastern europeans) basicaly invented racing 2 strokes in the 50's, then sold and/or lost their technology to the ****, with many engineers moving to Suzuki and Yamaha in the early sixties.

To say a Jawa or CZ design is crap or similar to chinese production is a misguided statement as that is where modern 2 stroke designs originate.
Well said Wildemere. We in the West tend to under-estimate the other part of the world. Eastern europe is often equated with communists and since we've been taught "communist=bad" their stuff must be junk right? In fact the Chzech (sp?) Jawa/CZ and the East German MZ were superb designs and rivalled in quality anything else in the market at the time before the Japanese invasion. All that without huge monetary resources of the Western manufacturers. This is off the subject but people often make fun of Russian cars like the Lada and so put everything Russian in the same box meanwhile Russian heavy trucks are accepted as being some of the best and most capable in the world. For example the Russian Kamaz trucks have been kicking Mercedes, Man, DAF, Volvo etc. a$$ on a consistent basis in the Paris Dakar rally up to the present day. In fact Kamaz trucks won the dakar rally a record of 9 times and took the first 2 places in the 2010 Rally as well! And for those who know Paris Dakar it's not just a couple of rednecks doing some mud-bogging and hoping they don't break their axles.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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