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Default Finally Running! (But that doesnt mean I'm done asking questions :p)

So after many painful weeks, the bike finally turned over without the chain flying off and without destroying the rear tire! I was putting around, just about everything seems to be running pretty well, but there were some concerns I had.

I had read somewhere on here that the engine itself shouldnt get hot enough that water/spit will sizzle on it, mine does.
Theres a little bit of white smoke from my exhaust, is that normal?
Also, either my carb was put together wrong, or something is weird is going on with my choke. After warming it up, I pushed the choke down into the OFF position, but when I gave it throttle, the engine would die down. I tried raising the choke a little and giving it a little gas, and found that about 3/4 of the way up on the choke, it seems to run smoothly. Any ideas on this one?

Thanks so much for all the help! Theres no way I could of built this without everyone here, hopefully I'll be fully tuned up and ready for some serious rides!!!
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