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Default Tanaka 32cc Nitromethane Experiment

Hi all,

I have been toying with trying nitromethane fuel on my bike for a while. I've to this point been put off by the messages on here warning dire consequences should this be used alone but I am trying to test different mixtures of petroil/nitromethane.

I had a 3/4 tankfull on the bike of normal mixture so I thought I would add a little of the NM to it. All in all I added 3 teaspoons of NM to the tank and filled up the rest to make sure it had mixed.

Effectively that was 15ml of NM in 770ml.

At this ratio I didnt have any expectations at all - given the amount was so low. I am amazed the difference it has made. The bike is slightly more responsive and it holds speeds better in headwinds (a GEBE weakness) but its in the starting that the real difference is found.

It used to be that it would need 4-5 pulls on choke to get a cold engine to start (mine is the Tanaka 32), and 2-3 pulls to fire a warm/hot engine. With just that small amount of NM in the fuel mix, its now one pull with choke to start a cold engine and one (choke off) to start a warm one. I actually pulled the starter as hard as I would normally this morning and hurt my arm because the engine fired almost immediately.

I have checked the plug and it is the same lovely tan colour as it was before I started so I am not running lean. What I will probably do in the next few days is put another 15mls in the tank to see the difference - ie to see if it will help performance without hurting the motor.

I have added 50mls to my remaining mix in the 1 gallon can that I use which is a little lower than what I have in the bikes tank so I will see if the effect is the same...

Jemma xx

WARNING: Nitromethane fuel is Methanol based. Methanol is a metabolic poison and can KILL. It can be absorbed through the skin, and both fuel fumes and exhaust fumes can be dangerous. Use gloves when handling it, and if any area of skin comes in direct contact, rinse IMMEDIATELY.

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