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Default Re: Operation OP ( the first build in progress )

Originally Posted by kicking View Post
I see what you are saying about spinning backwards . It seemed that if the shaft comining out of the motor turns counterclockwise then it seems that the chain would turn counterclockwise and the rear wheel would be turning counterclockwise . I am glad I cleared that idea up , It can fool ya . Are the sprockets on the motor shafts 8 tooth 5/16 - 18 set screw #40 chain ? I hope I don’t have to buy an sprocket for the motor .
P.S keep me updated on the '' goofy foot '' there has to be an easy way to go on this part of motorizing an bike .. what would yall say is the hardest part of motorizing ?
Hardest part is the whole chain/sprocket (especially the balancing)/engine/tensioner alignment process. Everything else is pretty much bolt-on & go, with the exception of little things like working with crappy hardware (most things are replace-able for less than $1 at the hardware store), tuning the carb (easy), shortening cables (dremel/air cutter is your best friend), and then 500 miles down the road when you realize the bike you bought is a P.O.S. (though this only happens to some).

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