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Originally Posted by jake nielson View Post
I'm looking for a 4 stroke,I've had two 2 strokes from grubee,one junk(black stallion) one ok,(skyhawk)looking for info,name of brands what is good or bad etc,any info is appreciated,thanks
As stated in above posts, personal preference is what it's all about. I own 2 & 4-strokes built on similar frames being aluminum beach cruisers and the 4-stroke gets my vote for overall performance and reliability. And by nature I am a two-stroke fan. My daily ride is an aluminum Ridgedale beach cruiser with a Huasheng 142F 49cc 4-stroke that is chain driven off the centrifugal clutched 4G t-belt tranny. This is what works for me and can't say enough good things about it...I love this bike! So I can definitely recommend the Grubee 4G HS 4-stroke kit set-up...I ride it everyday.
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