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Default Running out of ideas (chain tension/sprocket alignment issues)

So I was having tons of issues with my chain tensioner that caused me to taco 2 tires so far. I didn't have the outside rubber isolator because the sprockets lined up perfectly without it. The problem was, that if the chain fell off, which it did obviously, there was no buffer between the sprocket and the spokes, and the chain dug itself between the two and destroyed the tire. So now I've gotten rid of the tensioner all together (I have rear drop outs) and I've managed to find what appears to be the perfect tension. I also put the outside rubber isolator on there as a safety precaution.

Now the problem is that the drive sprocket doesnt line up with the rear sprocket, and the chain will eventually fall off because its being pulled inwards, since the isolator causes the rear sprocket to sit further out.

The only idea I have left is to try a wider chain. Anyone have luck with this? Or anyone have any other advice?

I'm so ready to give up on this
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