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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

Fair - I have a NMF up front only. I switched to a bit smaller than balloon tires, too. Bell Kevlar Comfort Tires. I really can't feel any difference - it's TIGHT. It was hard as h-ell to install, that's for sure...

The back I switched the balloon tire to the same as the front, but I went with the Bell Super-dooper tubes, with a Mr. Tuffy liner, and electrical tape wound 3 times around the wheel itself to protect from the spokes.

I think I have about 300 miles on this config, and I'm happy with it.

Just make sure you don't overfill the rear tire. Around 40-45psi max. My front feels a tad harder to squeeze. (That didn't sound right!).

I think if you use the NMF in the rear, you better make sure it's good and tight inside the tire...
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