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Default Re: Operation OP ( the first build in progress )

if you turn a coaster brake wheel around, when you pedal forward, the brake would go on. if you pedaled backwards, the bike would go backwards.

if you have a freewheel and turn it around, the bike would freewheel when you pedaled forward and go nowhere. (there was a funny video about that, where some guys turned the wheels and cranks around and left the bike unlocked in a bad neighborhood. kids would jump on it to steal it, try to pedal hard to take off, and just end up racking. it was hilarious.)

a fixed gear hub wouldn't work because if you turned it around the gears would un-thread themselves because they're threaded for the right side.

they do make a "dual drive" hub for BMX freestyle which can be used on the right or left (for the rider's preference, like "goofy foot" on a skateboard.) i'm looking into those, actually.
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