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Default Re: Ever think about making your own frame?

Thought about building my own frame ....and i did....3 times
now haha very rewarding when you sit back and look at your
finished bike i tell you and TBH it really isn't that difficult...I
did have welding skills and have been playing with metal
since i was a teenager but i believe anyone with medium
skills and heap of enthusiasm could tackle a frame and
build their dream bike....

My latest custom frame when it came back from the powdercoaters-->

And the finished bike

Frame cost less than 100 bucks in materials to build and about a solid
days work to get tacked up another morning to completely weld
and clean.

Also made me a trike frame-->

All done in my home workshop using a 175 dollar gasless mig purchased off Ebay :-)

Hope the pics might inspire others to have a go at their own custom projects
you just wont get the same level of satisfaction fitting kits to a store bought bike
you do when you build one from ground up!

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