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Originally Posted by Wheel Rush View Post
Hey Kaluna,

BTW, if you don't mind, what exactly is that in the first picture just above ?

I thought I was going to get a look at a near perfect sparkplug.

OK, I know now what I'm looking at !

Did you paint the engine head black ?
Yes, I painted the whole engine black. I used Krylon BBQ paint, and it has worked great.
I am very aware of the whole it will make your motor run hotter - , but the other side of the coin is that black also dissipates heat the fasted.

I had a pic of my plug already downloaded, and when I tried to preview, it stated I was allowed to post only 4 pic's. So, had to make a decision and went w/ the 2 I chose.

"That's how I did mine the first time..but they still broke."

I have no idea how unless it was weak at the mounting point. Mine isn't. That's where I have read the weak spot is. It stress cracks at the nut. Maybe there is more than one flaw, but I know there is no way mine is going to break in that location at least. Where did yours snap??

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