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Default Re: new..almost complete! >.< pls help- Clutch cable assembly

Originally Posted by bronson9 View Post
thanks a great deal for your responses corgi... would this be the clutch arm

This will not work. That sharp bend in your cable is going to cause you problems. You need to loosen the lock nut on the part that holds the cable away from the engine and rotate it inward to face, or align with the clutch arm. You need to consider eliminating as much friction as possible in the clutch linkage which includes the cable and how it connects to the handlebar lever and the clutch actuator arm on the engine. No sharp bends or kinks, no nylon tie-wraps holding the cable tightly against the frame or handle bars. Also, you do not need the small spring. The best place to put it is the trash can. Use the larger one, the heat shield but the small one will only increase the leverage necessary to disengage the clutch. It serves no useful purpose. Throw it away. Get back to us if you need more help or detailed information.
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