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Default Re: problems with my engine

Originally Posted by jeremyb954 View Post
hi i was riding my motor bicycle today and going about 30mph and suddenly my back tire locked up so as soon as i stoped i tryed to start the engine in gear know the tire just moves freely seems like something isnt grabing the engine to start so took off the chain cover and know theres a pin coming out of the sproket and suggestions on what to do please!!
That pin is supposed to be protruding from the sprocket. It is pushed inward by the cam in the clutch actuator cover. If you rear wheel locked up, that pin is not the problem. Is the chain still on? Is it the proper tension? A loose chain can bind inside the clutch actuator cover where it wraps over the drive sprocket. Is the clutch cable adjusted correctly? Possibly the cable stop, the small brass part that clamps onto the end of the clutch cable has slipped allowing the clutch to remain engaged. Check these things and get back to us.
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