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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare


I look like a giant on it, but note my left foot is fully extended and I am 6'2 and 165 Lbs.

She turned out pretty good though, and a real pleasure to ride.

I finished mounting everything like the lights and computer/speedometer and did all the detail work, it takes awhile.
Despite 4 cables and 2 wires going to the handlebars I managed to size and zip-tie them in nice and neat.

I love how clean my Keylock Ignition Modules go on, it really cleans up the look. The black thicker real gas line helps too.

The bungie cord came with the bike and I used a 6-pack Igloo for storage in that pic for multiple reasons but I am making something else now.

Now I just need to get some video of it in action.
I am thinking a small hot babe and shooting the video from the back of a pickup pacing just ahead of the bike.
Something good for YouTube.

The sound of the shifting and acceleration are pretty cool, I love it ;-}
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