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Default Re: Propane conversion

The hype that propane and hydrogen tanks are potential bombs are false ,,,they are in the open on all sorts of equipment ,you see them while driving down the street,,,they are safer in the open so that the gas can disipate if they are punctured,,,gases need oxygen (air ) mixed w/them to explode thus carb's.,,,if you get a leak the gas can burn at the leak beacause of it mixing w/air,but pressure in the tank keeps out the oxygen needed to ignite whats in the tank(as in ,torch gets a loose connection and a small fire starts at the leak,pressure is higher that air pressure and fire is not able to go into the connection),,,,If your into science you know "always" and "never" are not words that can be trusted in any report,all things have the potential to do something else,,,,That said read all reports of tests and lean toward believing the guys that havent blown up ,but may have test scars and scares,
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