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Default Re: new..almost complete! >.< pls help- Clutch cable assembly

the large spring goes over the clutch cable housing to act as a heat shield by the head and cylinder before you put it through the place on the engine,,,,,the smaller diamiter spring goes over the cable its self between the clutch arm and the place where it went through the engine to act as a return spring (and it dampens vibration ),,,There is a small (I think brass)clamping piece that goes on the steel cable after you put the steel cable through the end of the clutch arm,,NOW,push the free play of the clutch arm toward the carb.area while pulling the the end of the steel cable removing the free play from the handle bar lever and cable housing and slip on the small clamp and tighten THE clutch arm should be in about the 5:00-5:30 position looking down from the top and the cable snug with no more than a pincil lead width of free play of the clutch arm when you GENTLY touch the clutch lever on the handle bar
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