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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm not a fan of the 'O' ring method. The rubber will swell and begin to deteriorate quickly. You don't want your engine injesting that stuff and it isn't a good seal because it cannot be clamped in except with hand pressure against the carburetor while installing it. Several members have also had the 'O' ring come loose and get sucked into the engine. Not good. Some suppliers offer a flat gasket, gasoline compatible, that will work better than standard rubber 'O' rings. I think you'll find that most silicone based sealants are not compatible with gasoline, (says so right on the package). There are some sealers that will do the job and if done correctly will not look like heck. When using a paste type sealant you want to fill the gaps (slots) where the throat of the carb attaches/clamps to the intake manifold as well as the entire surface of the intake where the carb goes.
This product is a little harder to remove but I've had good luck with Seal-All. It is a clear semi-liquid sealant and will take gasoline. Good luck. Let us know how you do.
Thanks for the input Tom. It did dawn on me that the O-ring or bits of it could get ingested so I thought I could make a little sleeve out of soda can aluminum to fit inside the intake tube and protrude ever so slightly beyond the end of the intake tube that should stop the O-ring from being ingested. The bend in the intake tube would stop the other end of the sleeve from trying to slide into the combustion chamber. Additionally the soda can aluminum is so thin that the effect on airflow should be virtually nil. As for silicone I was more leaning towards some of the auto gasket makers which have the consistency of silicone sealant (I should have been more precise) that are typically oil/fuel resistant but I remember most being red or blue which I wouldn't want to goop on the outside because of their looks.lI might try Seal All though as you suggested since it's fuel proof and clear in color so it won't be so noticeable.
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