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Default Re: where can I find the answer on here

So to add to this thread my breaking in period is going the other day i was riding to work on my motorized bicycle at around 14-18mph. I am changing it up and not staying at a constant speed. I was almost to work so i decided to open it up just to see if i could make it past 19mph. And to my surprise it climbed to 30mph. At that speed it was so smooth, way better than at 19.But in that 20 seconds all my ?'s were answered. At that speed all the vibrations were gone, handlebars and in the seat. The motor sounded like it should, I hope it gets back to running like that after break in. This went on for about 20seconds then one of the exhaust allen screws came out. Wow... it was I backed off the throttle and made it to the maintance shop at my job and replaced the allen cap screw. So on my way back home that night it was back to running like crap when i hit around 19mph and could not go faster.

So my ? is this normal to have a short burst of speed and not be able to do it again while breaking in a china 80/66cc motor?

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